Accomodation Ladders and Gangways

Accomodation / Gangway Ladder Servicing and Load Testing

As per IMO-MSC 1331, ALL gangway and accommodation ladders are now subject to annual load testing and recertification, effective as of January 1st 2010.

Techno Fibre’s team of trained and certified service engineers is on hand to assist operators in meeting this new requirement.

Fully equipped with water bolsters, Techno Fibre is able to undertake this programme efficiently and professionally.

Upon completion of the testing programme, a full report, and a certificate will be issued.

Apart from lifeboat and davits, accommodation and gangway ladders, Techno Fibre’s team of service engineers are also authorized and certified to undertake the servicing of various other cranes and lifting equipment found onboard vessels, and offshore platforms.